It has been a while since our last Film Festival Corner Update, but our students continue to be very successful on the festival & awards circuit. Here are the latest updates!

Beaufort International Film Festival: All of these films are finalists in their respective categories and are eligible for awards during the festival which runs February 18th-23rd in South Carolina.

  • Matthew Suppes (MFA/FP ’19) – A LONELY DEATH
  • Brynne McKee (NWD ’20), Jackie Palacios (Peace Studies/Screen Acting ’19), Benjamin Allen (NWD ’20), Jack Mullinkosson (NWD ’20) – DIVIDED
  • Zhan Luo (MFA/DOCU ’19) – BORN IN AMERICA
  • Ragini Bhasin (MFA/FP ’19) – GHAZAAL
  • Kaitlin Moore (BFA/FP ’19) – OFF WITH YOUR HEAD

Nikhail Asnani (MFA/S ’19) – SOMETHING ROUND

  • NewFilmmakers NY

Nikhail Asnani (MFA/S ’19) – THE FOAL & PLAYBACK

  • film contest
  • Both films will be distributed by ShortsTV

Nikhail Asnani (MFA/S ’19) – SOMETHING ROUND

  • Will be distributed by ShortsTV

Alex Greenlee (BFA/FP ’20) – CYBOLICA

Alex Greenlee (BFA/FP ’20) – DEAD WALL

  • Screened at the TCL Chinese Theater as part of HollyShorts

Daniel Drummond (MFA/FP ’19) – SALVAGE

  • Cinequest Film and VR Festival

Sarah Heinz and Luke Snedecor (BFA/DA ’19) – PREHEATED

  • Manchester Film Festival

Avery Rouda (BA/SW ’15) – DREAM CATCHER

  • Newport Beach Film Festival
  • HollyShorts Film Festival
  • Raindance International Film Festival
  • Austin Film Festival
  • Los Angeles Film and Script Festival
  • ShorTS International Film Festival in Trieste
  • Award of Merit from the One Reeler Short Film Competition in LA
  • Winner of 4th Annual Stage 32 Short Film Contest
  • London International Film Fest

For the MPSE Golden Reel Awards – Supervising Sound Editor: Bo Pang (MFA/FP ’18) & Foley Artists: Xiao NI (MFA/FP ’19), Bo Pang were nominated for their work on GHAZAAL.

College Television Awards Nominees

  • SNOWBALL – Paul Rivet (MFA/FP ’19) in the Comedy Series section


  • Garden State Film Festival
  • Frames Film Festival
  • Toronto Animation Arts Festival International


  • Up-and-coming Intern. Film Festival Hannover
  • FAMUFest Meets the World
  • YOUKI International Youth Media Festival
  • Hyperfest International Film Festival Bucharest
  • International Road Movie Festival
  • Short Film Factory

Chase Ogden (MFA/FP ’11) – SUPER FRENCHIE

  • Santa Barbara International Film Festival
  • Big Sky Documentary Festival

Alex Oppenheimer (BFA/FP ’08) – SERGIO

  • Edited the film which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival

Lingwei Paloma Chen (MFA/FP ’19) – EL PERFUMISTA

  • Sedona International Film Festival

Rachel Redleaf (BFA/SCAC ‘19) – KAJILLIONAIRE

  • Is a cast member in the film which screened at the Sundance Film Festival

Rachel Wilke (BFA/FP ’19) – THE MOST BEAUTIFUL

  • Nevada Women’s Film Festival

Lidieth Arevalo Hernandez (MFA/DOCU ’19) – ALPHARAOH

  • Sedona International Film Festival
  • In addition Lidieth was a part of a panel at the Sundance Film Festival which was presented by Firelight Media entitled “Undocumented and Unerasable: Reclaiming Undocumented Narratives and Storytelling”. She was one of eight members of a group of undocumented filmmakers and immigrant rights activists known as “Undocumented Filmmakers Collective” who attended the festival. As a collective they are hoping to start dialogues that will transform a system that, for many years, has pushed them out of grants, fellowships, funding, jobs, and many other opportunities for undocumented filmmakers.


  • Newburyport Documentary Film Festival

Zhan Lou (bottom right) attending the Newburyport Documentary Film Festival .

  • Skyline Indie Film Fest
  • Ojai Film Festival
  • Guangzhou International Doc Festival

Kailee Hague (BFA/DA ’19) – EMBARKO

  • LA International Children’s Film Festival

Shelby Thompson (BFA/NWD ’19) – RELENTLESS

  • Screened the film in Park City during the Sundance Film Festival on Main Street at the Impact Residency

Shelby Thompson and, subject of RELENTLESS, Marty O’Connor on Main Street at the Sundance Film Festival.

Corentin Leroux (BFA/FP ’19) – GRENADINE

  • Best Student Film – SHORT to the Point

CAS Student Recognition Award (PICTURES)

The Dodge students who were nominated for the CAS Student Recognition Award. Left to Right: Bo Pang, Andree (Hsiao-Chu) Lin, and Karthik Mohan

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