A Message from Dean Stephen Galloway

Dear Dodge College Community:

My heart goes out to you at this incredibly challenging time. It’s so difficult to have your university years interrupted by a pandemic unlike anything any of us have experienced. I want to thank all of you for being so strong, so supportive of each other and so flexible.

Today is my first day as dean of Dodge College. Ten years ago, when I helped oversee the first “film school rankings” as the executive editor of The Hollywood Reporter, I remember being astonished at the waves of phone calls I received from top-level industry members, all touting this hidden gem.

Not any more.

Since my appointment was announced, I’ve come to understand why it generates so much passion. We have the best faculty and staff of any film school — not to mention students who are the most embraced by the industry — and I’ve spent enough time with others to know.

Twenty years ago, this was all a dream in the mind of our founding dean, Bob Bassett. Now it’s our mission — together — to keep Dodge skyrocketing.

We’re moving forward with three major goals:


We’re one of a handful of film and media schools within easy reach of the mecca of global entertainment. We want to maximize this advantage by bringing top-notch film artists, technicians and broadcast journalists to our campus for our students and faculty.

We’ll also be working to create a new, high-level interview series made and shot by a paid student crew. And we’ll be significantly boosting our careers and internships support to give all of you the help you deserve.


We’re actively looking to see how Dodge can fully reflect the shifting face of Hollywood and America. Through collaboration with the university and community organizations, we’re targeting brilliant high school students to help guide them to an education at Dodge. Providing scholarships is one of our top-priorities.


I didn’t realize how extraordinary this school was until I started meeting everyone here. Now I want to make sure the rest of the world knows. Dodge College faculty have created a task force to modernize our brand, fully engage our students and alumni with industry news, and maximize our social media imprint. We’ll also join forces with several major Hollywood organizations and events to boost our activities and student/alumni gatherings.

That’s just the start as we position Dodge to be the friendliest, most far-reaching film school in the world.

Collaborate. Communicate. Create.

That’s our shared goal. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Stephen Galloway
Twyla Reed Martin Dean of Film and Media Arts
Dodge College of Film and Media Arts