I hope that you all are doing well and making the best of this whole situation. Even though all the spring festivals have either canceled or postponed to the fall – they still handed out their official selections. Here is some positive news about the success of our students work on the festival circuit!

Luke Snedecor (BFA/DA ’19) & Sarah Heinz (BFA/DA ’19) – PREHEATED

  • Sonoma International Film Festival
  • Cleveland International Film Festival
  • Newport Beach Film Festival

Vanessa Csordas-Jenkins (MFA/FP ’19) – PREMENSTRUAL MARGOT

  • Women’s Film Festival


  • Pasadena International Film Festival
  • Vail Film Festival

Lingwei Paloma Chen (MFA/FP ’19) – EL PERFUMISTA

  • Pasadena International Film Festival
  • Newport Beach Film Festival

Rachel Wilke (BFA/FP ’19) – THE MOST BEAUTIFUL

  • Pasadena International Film Festival

Jonathan Goetzman (BFA/FP ’19) – THE LIGHTNING MAN

  • Pasadena International Film Festival

Matt Wassong (BFA/FP ’20) – OASIS

  • Glennfest Film Festival
  • Tyron International Film Festival
  • Blackbird Film Festival

Matthew Suppes (MFA/FP ’19) – A LONELY DEATH

Brenten Brandenburg (BFA/FP ’19), Jordan Gorman (BFA/FP ’19), Kaustubh Singh (BFA/NWD ’19) and To “Derek” Wan (MFA/DOC ’19) – THAT WAS RAY

  • American Documentary and Animation Film Festival and Film Fund

Phumi Morare (MFA/FP ’20) – HOME

Corentin Leroux (BFA/FP ’19) – GRENADINE

  • Montclair Film Festival
  • Capital City Film Festival

Lidieth Arevalo Hernandez (MFA/DOCU ’19) – ALPHAROAH

  • Sedona film Festival

Lidieth was in attendance at the festival!

Zelie Dember-Slack (MFA/FP ’17) – JESSIE THE GOLDEN HEART

  • New York City International Film Festival
  • International Christian Film and Music Festival

James Elinski (BFA/FP ’21) – FOUNDATION

  • Wicked Queer Film Festival

Ragini Bhasin (MFA/FP ’19) – GHAZAAL

  • Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival

Rachel Bickert (MFA/FP ’19) & Emily Tapanes (BFA/FP ’19) – LADYLIKE

  • The American Pavilion Emerging Filmmaker Showcase at the Cannes Film Festival

Kaitlin Moore (BFA/FP ’19) – OFF WITH YOUR HEAD

  • LA Film Awards
  • LA Movie Awards
  • Block Island Film Festival
  • Imaginarium Convention

Remember, if you would like to see your name in next months Film Festival Corner Update make sure you keep us updated on your project! You can send any and all updates to festivalsubmissions@chapman.edu.