Traditionally, the science fiction genre has been used to indirectly critique social and political issues. Dodge College thesis film, Purple Eyes, uses it to highlight the problem of extreme polarization and the importance of activism.

The film is about an anti-android activist who is invited to speak at a pro-android event and the extreme opposition that she faces just to have her voice heard. Of course, the film is about androids, but more importantly, it’s about standing up for what you believe in when others attempt to silence you.

“When we wrote the film, it was clear that polarization was a growing issue in the United States. More than anything, we wanted to urge people to have meaningful conversations and to listen to other points of view,” said producer, Lynnzee Highland. “Of course, we had no idea how extreme this polarization would soon become. As we’ve watched current events play out over the last few months, the importance of standing up for a cause has rung loud and true. We’ve been incredibly moved by the impacts of activism since the horrific killing of George Floyd. It is clear that the work is far from over.”

To put action behind their message, filmmakers, John Humphreys and Lynnzee Highland, have used what resources they had left in their senior thesis fund to support the Black Artists Fund and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Director, John Humphreys, believes that it is a privilege to study art and it is important to be allies in the fight for equality. The filmmakers are happy to see the Black Artist’s Fund supporting underrepresented artists and the Black Lives Matter movement advocating for racial equality.

The impact of this small act would be greatly increased if other members of the Dodge College community would consider donating to these pivotal organizations if they have not already.

Through activism, we have the power to make a difference. No matter what your cause may be, it is important to fight for it and have open conversations with those who see things differently.

The filmmakers would like to thank all students, faculty members, volunteers, and sponsors who have been involved in this project.

Purple Eyes is currently being sent to festivals and is not yet released online. If you are interested in additional information, please contact the producer, Lynnzee, at