Hollywood Now

Hollywood Now returns for 2020 virtually!

Join the top entertainment schools in the country as we rub proverbial elbows, exchange ideas, and make things happen at the annual event using the platform Hio. This is the perfect opportunity to expand your network of creatives, executives, agents and lawyers to include passionate and driven alumni from USC, NYU, AFI, UCLA, LMU, Northwestern, DKA, Southwestern, Harvard, Emerson, Chapman, and CalArts. Join us as we have one on one and small group conversations all done through the Hio app that you can download on your phone or use on your desktop.

When you purchase a ticket, you’ll receive an email to download the Hio app and create an account. A day or 2 before the event, you will receive an email with Zoom info for introductions as well as a Hio desktop link to the event.

When: October 14 2020, 7-9pm PT
Where: Zoom & Hio
Video Tutorial of Hio
Tickets: $5