My name is Trisha Duncan, née Vo. I graduated from Chapman in 2011 with a BFA in Television and Broadcast Journalism. While in school, I applied for internships and got accepted for a position in show development at DreamWorks Animation in 2010. Grateful to have been given this opportunity, I made the most of it and developed some great relationships and connections that I still maintain today. By 2012, I became a Production Assistant in the same department that I interned in, which really launched my career in the animation industry.

Trisha and Guillermo Del Toro

Since that time, I’ve worked on multiple projects from both animated films to TV shows. I moved from a production assistant to a coordinator to a supervisor in story and editorial. During my career, I’ve worked closely with creative producers and directors, most notably on Guillermo del Toro’s Emmy-nominated TV show Trollhunters, and his second animated project 3Below.

For the past two years, I worked as a Senior Production Supervisor on the upcoming animated feature film Over the Moon directed by Disney Legend Glen Keane. It will be premiering on Netflix this October.

Leadership Team for Over The Moon

My job on the film was to help oversee the story, editorial, and animation departments. This includes the script, storyboard artists, editors, music, voiceover records, and other post-production aspects of the film as well as communicating with Sony Pictures Imageworks, our partner studio. In this role, I work primarily in creating production schedules and pulling resources to be able to balance the creative vision of our director to the timeline of demands. The goal is to be able to maintain the quality of storytelling as it goes from department to department and then ultimately, to final delivery.

I cannot wait for the world to see our beautiful film on October 23rd!

Check out the trailer for Over the Moon here, and some stills from the film below!