Naomi Cho, right, holds up her $75,000 check after competing in the 2020 Dr Pepper Tuition Giveaway football throw competition. (Photo by Brandon Wade/AP Images for Keurig Dr Pepper).

How many Chapman students can say they competed on live television during a Division One College Football Conference Championship game?

While she wasn’t actually on the field, Naomi Cho, a creative producing major from Los Angeles, California, still had her football skills put to the test. Cho competed in the 2020 Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway football throw competition, which aired live during the ACC conference championship game, and was awarded $75,000 in tuition for her second place finish.

The competition took place on Monday, Nov. 16, in Frisco, Texas, as part of the 12th annual Dr Pepper head-to-head Throw Competition. The six students competing in the competition were selected from 60-second long application videos, sharing personal stories of funding needed to achieve their academic dreams.

Cho expressed her gratitude for the financial relief winning the tuition giveaway provided.

“I can continue my studies with ease and continue working on my passion for representing people from backgrounds in the film industry,” she said.

The competition was held at the headquarters of viral YouTube channel Dude Perfect, where following all COVID-19 related health guidelines, the students competed for a total of $600,000 in tuition by throwing the greatest number of footballs into an oversized Dr. Pepper can in 30 seconds. 

Recorded footage of the competition aired during the BIG12, ACC and SEC conference championship games. The three student winners from each conference were awarded with $125,000 each in tuition, and the three runners-up with $75,000 during the College Football Conference Championship weekend. 

“Being on national television was crazy,” said Cho. “Despite getting the runner-up prize, I was happy with the outcome and was glad to be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime experience!”

Dr. Pepper awarded even more student finalists with tuition through competition-based giveaways and surprise virtual giveaways, teaming up with former NFL player Brian Bosworth, country music artist Kane Brown, and more.

A total of $2 million in tuition was distributed this college football season, the highest amount in the program’s 12-year history.

“Dr Pepper goes hand-in-hand with college football and its fans,” said Derek Dabrowski, Vice President of Brand Marketing for Dr Pepper.

“We are proud to offer the gift of tuition in support of students who are passionate about their dreams and are driven to pursue their goals.”