Tell us a bit about yourself….
I am quirky visualizer who currently works as a student content creator for the Dodge College social media team and as an illustrator for the panther. Previously, I interned in the art department for an upcoming tv series under three time Emmy nominated Production Designer, Dave Blass, and in 2018 for the hit Bollywood movie ‘Kedarnath’. I am also the production design representative at Dodge college graduate student council. Check out my work here:

What made you choose Dodge?
The reason why I chose Dodge college over others was my professor John Chichester. he read my style of work and understood me extremely well as an individual so I knew I was going to get the freedom here to design the way I want. Apart from this, dodge was ranked in the top 10 production design programs by the Hollywood reporter. I also received the fellowship from Dodge which has supported me immensely, and without it I wouldn’t be here.

Cool projects you worked on?
So many! one of them is ‘House of Stairs’ which i designed as part of my production design workshop class with John Chichester. it is based on the novel by William Sleator. it’s about five sixteen year old orphans who are abducted and placed in house of stairs. it has no wall, window or doors, all it has is endless amount of stairs leading nowhere. Apart from this I worked on a talk show ‘Late night with the Red Queen’ from Alice in wonderland and also designed costumes for it.

Favorite class at Dodge?
Production design workshop with John Chichester.

Over the course of two years, we take this this class every semester. we have the freedom to choose the kind of projects we want to work on. The process includes research, creating mood boards, digital 3d models and final physical scale models with concept art/renderings. I feel these projects best express my individuality as a designer. I worked on ‘Hansel & Gretel’ and took inspiration from cakes which I loved eating as a child.