A little bit about myself.
Im an LA local, and a passionate home cook, who is so excited to be working as a Dodge Content Creator! I love producing content for social media. I spent the summer making toast for TikTok, and I cant wait to work with the Dodge communications team!

What’s your favorite class you’ve taken at Dodge, or your favorite thing you’ve learned?
I really loved Creative Producing and Development, CRPR 317. My favorite thing about the class was how we took inspiration from news stories and real life and crafted treatments for shows and movies wed love to produce. The workshopping of concepts, the focus on fine tuning the bumps of the story, really excited me. It was my first real development class, where we focused more on the character and story, and less on the pen-to-paper writing, and it helped me to discover that I wanted to work in development. 

What’s a favorite on set experience of yours (from a Dodge students set)?
My first Advanced Production I produced, my sophomore year was one of my favorite sets. We had worked really hard during preproduction, and it showed. I was really proud of how smoothly our set went, everyone was there to work, yet the tone of the shoot was overwhelmingly fun. The crew was excited to be there, eager to do a good job, and ready to problem solve when we ran into trouble. It was a set that really truly felt like a family for the entire weekend, and it was amazing to be a part of. 

What has been your favorite internship experience?
Last year I interned at Red Wagon Entertainment. I worked as a development intern, and absolutely loved it. The assistant who managed the interns was patient and eager to help us learn new skills, like doing professional script breakdowns, setting up for meetings, and even covering executives desks. The heads of the company really care about their employees, from interns to execs, and it absolutely shows. I cant highly recommend this internship enough!