What is your name & what are you studying?
My name is Rick Das and I’m studying M.F.A. in Film & Television Producing.

What inspired you to pursue a career in film?
I have grown up surrounded by a creative environment since I was very young. I loved watching movies and always dreamed about being involved in helping to create them when I grew older. I admire how film can sweep you away into another world to expand your horizon and imagination. I want to create and be a part of films that will continue to do the same. One of my favorite quotes is, “Life is too short for all the lives I have dreamed of living.” I spend a lot of time wondering about what it would be like to see life from other people’s perspectives. Be able to get into their heads and see life through their eyes. I think, for now, films are one of the closest ways we get the chance to do that, and there are so many perspectives still out there to experience in this medium.

What made you choose Dodge?
I love the atmosphere at Dodge. First and foremost, when I visited Dodge, I was drawn to its friendly environment. I really enjoyed how welcoming and warm everyone was, students, professors, and townspeople. It’s nice to be at a school that’s close to LA, but just outside the hustle and bustle of it, in a calmer Orange. The surrounding vintage stores are lovely and it’s so nice to take a walk around the circle, which has everything I need. I enjoy the autonomy that Dodge allows us in our studies. The school supports our visions and goals, rather than trying to put us into any cookie cutter curriculum. The conservatory model allows for deep immersion allowing us to gain a lot of practical experience. I enjoy the scope for collaboration, and enjoy learning from professors who have so much industry experience. It is also nice to get to hear from all the acclaimed guest speakers that Dodge invites.

 What’s a project you’re most proud of that you worked on at Dodge?
I’m so proud of several of the projects I’ve worked on at Dodge. I’ve gotten the chance to collaborate with so many amazing filmmakers who I hope to work with again in the future. I have so many good memories from several cycle 2 sets I was invited to work on, and I am grateful for those experiences and friendships. Most recently I just finished my thesis film, and it was the most challenging and rewarding film I’ve been part of while at Dodge. We were preparing to shoot this film at the time when the pandemic was at its worst. We were one of the first films going into production and there was no precedent to go off. We had to problem solve several challenges nobody had ever faced before to ensure safety. Despite these circumstances, we were still able to have such a wonderful experience filming it that I am thankful for. The amazing experience we had was because of our wonderful, talented, and dedicated team, all of whom went the extra mile to complete the film during such a difficult time.

What has been your favorite internship experience?
My favorite internship experience was with Katch Media. Everyone there made the experience so wonderful. I got to meet film students from other universities and learn about their experiences. We were put into groups and had fun competitions and challenges to tackle. During this internship, we were challenged to watch as many films as we could each week and dissect them into their very basic elements and report back on them. We would look at the films from the specifics of every angle possible, sound, cinematography, editing, production design, directing, writing and so much more. Watching so many films and paying attention to the nitty gritty details at a microscopic level really made me get a good sense of how a film comes together to be the way it feels. At first it was difficult, and I had to re-watch a film a few times to get all of it. As time went on, I was able to process the elements quicker and become more familiar. Now whenever I watch a film, all those variables go through my mind and I can break down a film so much more easily. In return, it’s improved my ability to make films as well making me more aware of all the factors to consider and all the tools in the toolbox.