What is your name and what are you studying?
My name is Ebony Jordan and I am a BFA Screenwriting major. 

What inspired you to pursue a career in film?
I grew up watching sitcoms, Disney movies, teen movies, musicals and romantic comedies. I’ve been wanting a career in entertainment since I was child. It started with the desire to voice cartoon characters, which then led to a desire to be the main character in everything lol. Eventually, I joined a comedy improv troupe and discovered that I had serious stage fright, so I tried my hand at writing. I loved it and have been pursuing it ever since!

What made you choose Dodge?
I chose Dodge because of the opportunity they give their students to be taught by actual working industry professionals.

What’s a project you’re most proud of that you worked on at Dodge?
The project that I’m most proud of so far, is the feature film beat-sheet that I workshopped in Paul Gulino’s Character Analysis for Writers class. I really enjoyed the process of building my character, deciding what part of his story I wanted to tell, and connecting the scenes to make it all make sense.

What is your favorite class at Dodge and why?
So far, my favorite class at Dodge has been Character Analysis for Writers. My writing is inspired by character driven stories that real people can relate to. This class taught us how to dive deep into character development and create interesting, well rounded, motivated, and active protagonists and supporting characters.