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Teaching filmmaking in China: Dodge launches Summer Film Academy in Shenzhen

January 3, 2017 by Janell Shearer | Beyond Dodge

Although companies the world over seek a foothold in China, in many ways it’s easier said than done. Cultural and language differences are just the starting point of challenges to be surmounted for Americans working in China. For Dodge College faculty, the launch of the first Summer Film Academy in Shenzhen, China, was not

Summer Film Academy Visits the Academy Archives on Insightful Field Trip

July 19, 2016 by | Beyond Dodge

Every summer, Dodge College holds two sessions of the Summer Film Academy, a two-week comprehensive, collaborative, and creative film program for high school students. For those two weeks, the students are immersed in the world of film through class discussions, film screenings, guest speakers, field trips, and filmmaking in small groups. Basically, they live, breathe,