WeChat screen capture from Lin's webinar

WeChat screen capture from Lufei Lin’s webinar

Chapman University’s Community Math Partnership Program, developed by Dr. Cathery Yeh, Assistant Professor in the Attallah College of Educational Studies teacher education programs, received some unexpected international exposure this semester.

Lufei Lin, one of the international students in Attallah College’s MA in Teaching (MAT) program, led a webinar organized by USA_edu, which is a WeChat public account.

Lin explained, “The WeChat public account is the most popular social media platform in China. The USA_edu account has 55,000 followers, and the articles on USA-edu have an average reading of 2,000 people.”

The main part of his presentation (which was in Chinese) was on mathematics practice standards in the United States. He covered what he’s learned at Chapman and his experiences while providing on-site after-school tutoring for elementary students in the local Orange County community, a key hands-on component of Chapman’s math methods course.

“My presentation started with this question: What does it mean to be good at math? The main part of the presentation was about the tools I used in the classroom. It is so fun to share what I learned, and it helps me reflect on my learning,” said Lin.

Of the 248 people who attended Lin’s webinar, most were Chinese college students, some of whom want to teach in the US when they graduate.

Slide from Lufei Lin's Chinese webinar

Slide from Lin’s Chinese webinar

“I’m so proud of Lufei Lin and our program! Lufei shared what he has learned in our courses about teaching mathematics in equitable way, and he discussed ways to make math accessible and relevant for all,” said Dr. Yeh.