For the 2022 academic year, the Fowler School of Engineering has received a record number of students who have chosen to come to Chapman for a major in computer science, computer engineering, data science, electrical engineering, or software engineering. The largest entering class to date, 146 first year students have notified the university of their intention to matriculate as an engineering student this August. They will be joined by a projected 20 transfer students. This represents a substantial increase from the 91 first year students who joined engineering for the fall 2021 term. The School of Engineering has worked hard to recruit the best and brightest aspiring engineers to Chapman. 

When asked about the journey to get to this point, Dr. Erik Linstead, an associate dean in the School of Engineering and a 2001 graduate of Chapman’s computer science program offered: 

“When I came to Chapman as a student in 1998, there were a total of 5 freshmen computer science majors. In 2014, having become a faculty member at Chapman and the director of the undergraduate computing programs, we had grown to 30 or 35 incoming students. Seeing 90+ first year students the last couple of years, by comparison, was an impressive feat. But to see 146 incoming students is a milestone in my career, and a testament to how seriously Chapman has committed to building and growing the school of engineering. Having been affiliated with Chapman as either a student or faculty member my entire adult life, it has been hugely satisfying to watch this transformation occur.”

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