• Faculty Name: Anthony Lemus
  • Courses Taught: Engineering 101, Six Sigma Design, Introduction to Medical Devices
  • Current Research: Process Engineering and Biometrics
  • Best form of contact? Email and SLACK

Six Questions with Professor Lemus

1. What is your favorite part of teaching at Fowler School of Engineering?
Helping and seeing students ideate and develop ideas into working concepts. It’s an attribute of an engineering school environment that promote productive interactions with students due to its size and resources.

2. What would be your ideal class to teach (preferably one that does not exist, yet)?
Technology Entrepreneurship

3. How have you incorporated your industry knowledge and/or research into your teaching?
As the Director of Industry Relations for Fowler, I incorporate what industry trends and ideas are transpiring to share with the class and students.

4. What have you noticed about Fowler School of Engineering students that impresses you?
Inquisitiveness about making the world better with ideas.

5. What is the best piece of advice you have received?
Failure is a key to learning. Fail, Regroup, Attack, Succeed.

6. Where can we find you when you are not at Chapman University?
Running long distance and meditating on ideas, and spending time with the family. My daughter Claire is a freshman at Chapman.