When the Fowler School of Engineering was launched in 2019, there was a shared vision for connecting engineering broadly across campus and throughout the community via a ‘human-centered’ approach to creating new technologies. That vision became a reality with the opening of the Swenson Family Hall of Engineering in 2021. Since that time, Swenson Hall has become a place for students from across campus to work and collaborate. Built upon principles of Universal Design, Swenson Hall is an open and welcoming space for all students and faculty – not just engineers.

That vision is also found in the Design/Create/Innovate Lab in Swenson Hall. The D/C/I Lab is Fowler Engineering’s take on a makerspace, featuring everything from basic 3D printers to large-format laser cutters to high end machining capabilities, as well as sticker makers, embroidery machines, and heat transfer machines for making custom t-shirts, tote bags, or coffee mugs. By bringing together a wide range of tools that support creative and functional design projects, the D/C/I Lab hopes to become a strong attraction for faculty, staff, students, and community members interested in building and creating new physical objects and systems.

How It Works:

  • Prospective users must complete safety training as well as equipment-specific training. Get started today!
  • Beginning Interterm 2023, each user will be provided a free allotment of materials for each piece of equipment (sticker paper, 3D printer filament/resin, embroidery thread, etc.) in both the D/C/I Lab and Tech Shop. However, please note: There will be a charge for additional materials needed.
  • Engineering students: You have the option of applying for funding from the internal “student project fund” to defray the material costs of major projects. Learn more …

No Experience? We Got You!

The D/C/I Lab is designed to be accessible to even those who have no prior experience in design and manufacturing. Miyuki Weldon (Makerspace Manager) and Ashley Ricart (Makerspace Technician), along with an enthusiastic and technically proficient group of student workers are there to help along the way.  

Tech Shop: 

Complementing the D/C/I Lab, across Swenson Hall, the Tech Shop is equipped with ample space for bigger project assembly and testing. Staffed by Carlos Vergara (Tech Shop Manager) and a cohort of student workers with diverse proficiencies, the Tech Shop houses high-end electronic testing equipment and various 3D printers to keep up with users’ prototyping needs. The staff host periodic workshops to teach the foundational skills needed to get started, so keep an eye out for those announcements. We look forward to working with the entire Chapman community in bringing their ideas to life!