Beginning in Fall 2023, the Fowler School of Engineering (FSE) will launch its first engineering graduate program. The MS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) program will offer students a versatile curriculum consisting of courses in computer science, electrical engineering, and data science. These classes will be framed through three core principles of Ethics, Leadership, and Technology. Additionally, FSE students will be able to expand on areas of study from their undergraduate education, such as Computing Systems, Data Science, and Electrical Systems. 

Andrew Lyon, Dean of the Fowler School of Engineering, expressed his hopes for the M.S. in EECS. He stated, “this is an exciting program. It will provide the technical depth required by the industries and research endeavors we support, but it will also give all of our graduate students a firm, common foundation in ethics, leadership, and communication.”

The graduate program is a step forward for FSE since its conception. In February 2022, Dr. Erik Linstead surveyed students on their interest in the prospective program and received an overwhelmingly positive response. After a few months, the curriculum was finalized. In December 2022, the program was approved by Chapman University’s faculty senate.

“Our program layers advanced technical mastery on top of a foundation in design, writing, communication, and engineering ethics,” said Dr. Linstead. “This will prepare students to engage deeply with problems and situations that need more than just technical expertise.” Dr. Linstead also noted the various industries that the program will prepare students for, such as aerospace and defense, software engineering, Big Tech, biotech, and automation.

Since its creation, the MS EECS program has steadily made appearances in events, announcements, and conversations between FSE students. For example, during Chapman’s annual Parent Spring Summit—which took place this February—FSE advertised and informed parents of FSE students about the new graduate program. Additionally, virtual informational sessions about Chapman’s MS EECS program were scheduled.

Dr. Mohamed Allali, Associate Professor at FSE and Graduate Program Faculty Coordinator, shared his perspective on the potential exhibited by the graduate program. 

“This graduate program is unique in that it is a combination of electrical engineering, computer science, or data science as a joint program,” he said. “Our goal is to train students in EECS at an advanced level so they can meet professional goals or continue graduate studies after graduation.”

The training provided by the MS in EECS Program will incorporate “significant curricular components,” he said, which includes ethical engineering, entrepreneurial thinking, leadership, and communications.

With a brand new graduate program, FSE presents another postgraduate opportunity for engineering and computer science students to explore, combining research opportunities with professional development. In the meantime, there are many ways in which students can prepare for a future in graduate education. 

Newly appointed Graduate Program Manager, Hilary Anderson, offered tips for students interested in pursuing graduate education. “Research the graduate program,” she said, “review the program webpage, attend an information session, and interview the professionals [within the industry]. This information will help determine if your goals align with the graduate program.”

Dr. Linstead also shared his hopeful perspective about the program’s interest among students. “The program will attract students who are looking to gain technical depth in an advanced degree program that also incorporates critical skills such as scientific writing and technical communication,” he said. “The sky is the limit.”

For more information on the program, please visit the MS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) page or attend an information session.