Staff Name: Mayra Mosqueda

Position: Facilities Coordinator

Alma Mater: California State University, Long Beach (Human Resources)

Office Location: Swenson Hall, N230A

Swenson Hall is an impressive building optimized for collaboration and innovation. The Fowler School of Engineering (FSE) houses a considerable amount of equipment and machinery, all managed by FSE’s Facilities Coordinator, Mayra Mosqueda. She’s a one-woman show ensuring that Swenson Hall is a safe, clean, and cooperative place for everyone. 

Before becoming a part of the Fowler family, Mosqueda was the primary contact with Facilities Management. Upon arriving at Fowler, Mosqueda was prepared to transform the empty building into the incredible resource it is today. Even in the early days of FSE, Mosqueda brought her expertise to effectively support a student body and faculty of creators and innovators. Her commitment to providing a safe and functional space for engineering faculty and students is what Mayra does best!

Q&A with Mayra Mosqueda

What are some of your responsibilities as a Facilities Coordinator?

Mosqueda: Some of my responsibilities as a Facilities Coordinator are: building safety and maintenance which includes managing access for all students, staff, and faculty, and building enhancements and renovations, such as labs, offices, and classrooms. I also am responsible for emergency preparedness if we have a power outage, for example. When we have new faculty join Fowler, I help with desk placement and lab placement for their research needs. I make sure the building is clean and presentable at all times. Lastly, I am the primary liaison for FSE with campus partners such as Fire Life and Safety, Environmental Health and Safety, Public Safety, Facilities Management, IS&T, Campus Planning, and Aramark Custodial Services. 

What’s your favorite part of working at Fowler School of Engineering? 

Mosqueda: Absolutely my team! I work with a very supportive and communicative team that only wants to see each other succeed and do well. I feel comfortable collaborating and being myself with my teammates and knowing that no matter what comes our way, this team is so solid that we’ll get through it.

What were your favorite events for students, alumni, and/or faculty, and why? 

Mosqueda: My two favorites are Orientation and Senior Celebration. The reason is, that orientation is when I get to see all of the new, young, and inspired individuals that are coming to this institution and see how excited they are to just be here. That’s something that I really look forward to.

My other second favorite event is Senior Celebration because at that point I get to see the end of our student’s journey. So, orientation is the beginning when I meet all of my freshmen. Then through the years, I see them, work with them, talk to them, and see them in the hallways. So when I see them at their Senior Celebration it’s like I’m seeing my own children graduate in a way.

What is the most memorable experience you’ve had working at Fowler School of Engineering?

Mosqueda: My most memorable moment would have to be moving into the building because I saw it from an empty shell– nothing. And it turned into this beautiful resource for students, staff, and faculty to come to collaborate and engineer amazing things. And when we finally opened doors on that first day of class and when we finally saw the students and everybody occupying the spaces. That moment was memorable for me because it let me know I was a part of a bigger thing. 

Can you tell me something common to know about the FSE building that others might not know about?

Mosqueda: There are several things that people don’t know about this building that make it unique. For example, the glass was specifically made with a special film on it so birds wouldn’t fly into it. It eliminates “bird confusion” fatalities.

Also, recycled materials are used throughout the building like in the carpets and wood-look materials in the archway. Another great feature is the planters on the roof. The planters filter water down to the greenery that’s street water use efficient. 

What do you think makes FSE’s building unique from other places on campus?

Mosqueda: The unique collaboration spaces because you have both the ability to do closed-door and open collaboration. If you really need to focus and not be interrupted by anything, you’re able to just sit down and do that. We have technologically advanced huddle rooms set up for in-person and virtual collaboration. 

On our second floor, the research spaces are more collaborative, where you can turn them into one giant room or several individual spaces. 

Of all the rooms and spaces at FSE, which is your favorite?

Mosqueda: That one is hard! The coolest places are the Makerspace and the Techshop but my favorite space in the building is when I just need to breathe and soak in the fresh air: the Legacy Bridge is my spot. I like to look out towards the field because you get this beautiful breezy wind that’s cool and blows right through your hair and I feel like it blows ideas into my mind. I love this building as a whole because it’s such an incredible building!