At Chapman University, supporting faculty and groundbreaking research shapes the future. The announcement of the inaugural recipients of the Fletcher Jones Foundation Fellows in Engineering is cause for celebration. Professors Mark Harrison and Emad Arasteh, two accomplished Fowler School of Engineering faculty and researchers, were chosen for this honor, promising a journey filled with innovation and discovery.

Fletcher Jones Foundation Faculty Fellows in Engineering program

The Fletcher Jones Foundation Faculty Fellows in Engineering program is designed to empower tenure-track faculty to pursue high-risk, high-reward research projects. These projects are envisioned to break boundaries and redefine the landscape of engineering at Chapman, a place known for fostering innovation and excellence. This program will support six pre-tenure faculty fellows over five years, awarding two fellows annually in years one, two, and three.

This three-year faculty fellowship offers not only recognition but also the crucial research funding required to transform ideas into realities. Securing this funding will grow Chapman’s reputation as an important research center.

Innovative Research Projects

Professor Harrison’s project “Enhancing a portable fiber-optic stress sensor for disease pathology” aims to develop new clinical tools for the mechanical analysis of biopsies and resected cancer tissues, which is vital in cancer diagnosis, prognosis, and surgical guidance.

Professor Arasteh’s project “Hardware/Software Co-design for Computation-in-Memory Architectures” aims to bridge the hardware/software design gap using new memory organization to overcome inherent memory bottlenecks, which is critical as we seek to significantly increase computer systems performance to meet the urgent demand for more computation and storage capacity of new data-intensive applications.

These exciting projects hold immense promise in solving challenging problems in the medical industry and advanced computer systems.

The Future of Chapman Engineering and Research

As we celebrate the contributions of the Fletcher Jones Foundation and the remarkable work of Professors Harrison and Arasteh, we also look ahead to the future. The Chapman Engineering community is expanding in size, vibrancy, and reputation and the journey of discovery and innovation is just beginning.

The incredible faculty at the Fowler School of Engineering are pushing the boundaries of innovation and discovery providing Research Opportunities to our students allowing them to learn and grow not only academically, but also within high-level research spaces.

Stay tuned as we follow the research projects of our talented Faculty Fellows and witness the impact of their work on the engineering community and the world.