Healthy Brain, Healthy Mind

Can you relate to any or more of the following right now:

  • Fear and worry about your own health or that of your loved ones?
  • Coping with the sudden changes to your routine or disruption to your schedule?
  • Difficulty sleeping or concentrating?
  • Experiencing grief or feelings of hopelessness?
  • Anxiety over employment, income, or your future?

If so, you’re not alone! The COVID virus isn’t the only threat spreading in this pandemic. We also are dealing with “pandemic panic”—the growing spread of anxiety and grief generated by this crisis. As part of our continued commitment to our Chapman family and our larger community, the Fish Interfaith Center is pleased to announce the debut of Healthy Brain, Healthy Mind—a new online webinar series to help you navigate these challenging and confusing times.

Join Dr. Jay Kumar, Director of Contemplative Practices & Wellbeing, for a weekly program offering advice, Q&A, and tools applying science-based strategies and timeless wisdom to promote your emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing during the COVID crisis. All webinars will be recorded and supplemented by a podcast, short video, and blog post. Open to All: students, staff, faculty and the greater. community.

“Healthy Brain, Healthy Mind”
Every Thursday 3-4pm PST starting Apr. 16, 2020
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Upcoming webinar topics:

Apr. 16 “Be Adaptive, Not Reactive” – employ behavioral strategies to help you adjust to the challenges and disruption caused from remote working/learning.

Apr. 23 “How to Cope When You’re Cooped In” – discover cognitive-based techniques for you to manage work, family, and life while “self-isolating”.

Apr. 30 “Reaching Out While Remote Working” – utilize technology and other innovative ways to stay socially connected with your colleagues and friends while physically distancing.

May 7 “Tips for Calm in Times of COVID” – learn meditation practices for staying calm, centered, and focused during your day.

May 14 “Practicing Proper Mental Hygiene” – apply strategies from science and wisdom from spirituality into your daily routine for maintaining a healthy brain, a healthy mind, and a healthy outlook on life.

More to come…


The “Healthy Brain, Healthy Mind” webinar series is one of the many online resources that are part of the new virtual platform CHAPMAN HOPE

Mondays, 1-3pm PST “Chat with a Chaplain” about any concerns you may have.
Rev. Cisa Payuyo, Associate Director of Church Relations
Tuesdays, 12-12:45pm PST “Mindfulness for Calm”
Dr. Gail Stearns, Dean, Wallace All Faiths Chapel
Wednesdays, 1-3pm PST “Chat with a Chaplain” about any concerns you may have.
Rev. Cisa Payuyo, Associate Director of Church Relations
Thursdays, 3-4pm PST “Healthy Brain, Healthy Mind”
Dr. Jay Kumar, Director of Contemplative Practices & Wellbeing
Fridays, 10:30-10:45am PST Prayer Gathering in the Time of COVID”
Rev. Nancy Brink, Director of Church Relations
Fridays, 11am-12pm PST “Chapman Interfaith Student Council”
Jen Ruby, Manager of FIC, and Bryleigh Blaise, Interfaith Council President

“Working Remote” Series

As the transition to remote working and online learning endures, the Chapman community is now suddenly faced adjusting to the disruption to daily life and coping with the psychological and emotional toll it generates to our health and wellbeing. To help you in this time of transition, Human Resources, IS&T, and the Fish Interfaith Center are pleased to announce the debut of Chapman’s Working Remote series..

Follow our Fish Blog for regular reflections by the Fish Interfaith Center staff. Please reach out to the Fish Interfaith Center and avail yourself to the valuable resources at CHAPMAN HOPE. As our Chapman community collectively adjusts to this new normal together, the Fish Interfaith Center is here for you—always.

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Stay Calm. Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.

Dr. Jay Kumar
Director of Contemplative Practices & Wellbeing