How We Cope with Hope

May 12, 2020 by | Mental Health & Wellness

How We Cope with Hope “Healthy Brain, Healthy Mind” Series Chapman University’s Director of Contemplative Practices and Well-being Advances Strategies for Coping During Crisis and Uncertainty. “Crisis-Coping” Fatigue Learning to cope in the midst of crisis and uncertainty can understandably take its toll on your brain, body, and being. These feelings can become all the more


Taking a Breath in the Midst of COVID-19

May 8, 2020 by | Chaplain Musings

“Just breathe.” That used to be solid advice for so many things. It works to alleviate anxiety or pre-performance jitters. Breath training is key for a woman near to giving birth, or a person living with chronic pain. Singers and actors know the power of deep breathing for performances. Yet suddenly, taking a breath can


You Can Close Your Eyes

May 7, 2020 by Rev. Nancy Brink | Chaplain Musings

Some years ago—I got an idea. I heard an old James Taylor song come on the radio: You Can Close Your Eyes. In the song, James’ phrase, “close your eyes,” is about trust. And that day I imagined that the singer of the song is Jesus, building community among his followers, singing to all of


An Antidote to Loneliness

May 1, 2020 by | Chaplain Musings

Let me begin with appreciation and thanks to our Chapman faculty and staff. Although I can’t see you face to face, I see your work more clearly than ever online and in my zoom calls with you. I love hearing about your incredibly creative online teaching methods and ambitious timely research, much of which is


Resurrection Amid the 2020 Pandemic

April 29, 2020 by | Chaplain Musings

For Catholics and all Christians, the Easter season celebrates the most joyous time of year, the feast of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But how can we be joyous when living in isolation enduring the slow ache of loneliness? What is the timeline for returning to normality? No one really knows. This uncertainty may leave


Toward an Ethic of Appreciation

April 23, 2020 by | Chaplain Musings

What’s good or what’s bad are a bit confused right now. “I need to be working!” says a friend, who has never stopped working a day in nearly nine decades. I reply, “It’s the first time in your life that the right thing to do is to do nothing, isn’t it?” In the midst of


What Would You Say If Someone

April 23, 2020 by | Chaplain Musings

(To contact Shaykh Jibreel or receive regular Ramadan communications, email jspeight@chapman.edu)   What would you say if someone – let’s call that person “M” – said to you that s/he is going to do a re-boot of his/her life-giving an elaboration on this action? You ask for M’s reason(s) behind the desire to do this


Be Adaptive, Not Reactive to Change

April 23, 2020 by | Mental Health & Wellness

BE ADAPTIVE, NOT REACTIVE TO CHANGE “Healthy Brain, Healthy Mind” Series Chapman University’s Director of Contemplative Practices and Well-being Advances Strategies for Coping During Crisis and Uncertainty. Navigating change is never easy. Whether it’s a health scare, personal loss, or financial hardship, it’s natural to experience anxiety, grief, and a lack of feeling in control.


Feeling like a Family – Even in Isolation

April 16, 2020 by Jacob Rennaker | Chaplain Musings

Today, I’ve never felt more alone. But at the same time, I’ve never felt more connected to others – like I’m part of a very large and incredibly kind community that’s come to feel more like a family. How can I feel both at the same time? Let me explain. Our first child was due


Earth Day, Ridván, and Ramadan

April 15, 2020 by | Holidays

by Gail Stearns, Dean of the Chapel We might expect that religious holidays often offer strength to believers, with assurance that through trials emerge new life. However, I was surprised to learn that a holiday we can all celebrate, Earth Day, offers a similar message, if we take seriously lessons scientists are learning from their

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