Undergraduates on college campuses often experience new or increasing sexual experiences which can increase the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Students experiencing sexual health problems are often faced with multiple concerns regarding obtaining knowledge regarding STDs as well as treatment options. This project aims to easily connect Chapman University students to information concerning sexual health by creating an extension to the Chapman Experience App. A preliminary survey was performed addressing STDs and STIs on a college campus and was formulated and sent to a sample group in Chapman University to gain insight on the needs and knowledge base of the students at Chapman University. The results of the survey have been analyzed and used to better understand the practices, concerns, and areas of improvement for sexual health of students. The results helped determine what the extension would include. While this extension is still in development, the design flow of the extension is presented in this poster. This extension will contain information on STDs and STIs as well as connects students to places to get tested as well as the price ranges of the tests. The extension hopes to minimize the negative impacts STDs have on adolescents.

Assessing Sexual Health Awareness
App Demo