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Gel Casing for Oral Vaccine Delivery Shaina Ambashta, Taryn Hatch

May 10, 2023 by Grand Challenges Initiative | Student presentations

The mass distribution of oral vaccines is not as effective as it could be. And as global warming continues to affect the Earth, we will only see an increase in diseases, making herd immunity harder to attain. The goal of the project was to develop an oral vaccine casing that could protect the vaccine component

Illness and Disability Awareness In Children’s Media Briana Craig, Daisy Fernandez-Reyes, Serena Wamba-Fosso, Sarah Yoon

May 9, 2023 by Grand Challenges Initiative | Student presentations

Our challenge was addressing the lack of fun educational products that teach about illness and disability in children’s media. This is a problem because kids need to understand the basics about common medical conditions to help them accommodate their classmates and help them empathize with their friends. Existing educational media tends to be unengaging for

Access to Disability Services at Chapman University Angela Atis, Quinn Barrett, Caroline Gluck, and Mary Shkouratoff

May 9, 2023 by Grand Challenges Initiative | Student presentations

Our group focused on the disabilities services at Chapman University and how they support and help their students with disabilities. We conducted interviews and surveys to learn more about how students with disabilities are represented at Chapman. We also learned about what ways and learning environments are best for students with disabilities. View the full

A Soap to Combat the Rise of Superbugs​ Joshua Abuyog, Jamie Chin, Stephanie Hoang, Mallory Fujiwara

May 9, 2023 by Grand Challenges Initiative | Student presentations

Superbugs, or microorganisms that have become resistant to antibiotic treatments, have developed in recent years due to the misuse of antibiotics (Tosh, 2022). The misuse of antibiotics most commonly refers to instances in which patients either use them inappropriately for minor infections or fail to complete their antibiotic regimens (Tosh, 2022). To combat this global

Creating a Customizable Multi-Material 3D-Printed Ankle Brace Brandon Lee, Mattheos Drivas, Mo Lynch, Proud Kitnitchiva

May 9, 2023 by Grand Challenges Initiative | Student presentations

A problem we observed in the standard procedure for post-ankle injury recovery is that the lack of customizability slows the rehabilitation process and increases the chance of re-injury. Our project aims to utilize the material diversity and versatility of 3D printing and scanning to create an ankle brace that fits each patient’s foot perfectly. It

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