In the neonatal period of life, it is very important that the measured weight of the newborn is as accurate as possible. An inaccurate weight prevents healthcare professionals from being able to assess and gain accurate information regarding the newborn’s health. Our solution to this, is to use hydrostatic weighing. The hydrostatic weighing method is one of the most accurate methods, and if employed, it could serve as a helpful tool in analyzing a newborn’s health. In order to test whether this method would be plausible for newborns, a watermelon was used to simulate a hydrostatic weighing set-up. This experiment is significant because it sets out to revolutionize the way that newborn’s are weighed. By conducting this experiment, we will determine if this method is plausible and potentially introduce a new form of neonatal measurement in the medical field.

Neonatal Hydrostatic Weighing