Working with Wastewater is a 2-4 player educational board game designed for ages 12 and up hosted on Tabletopia. Each player is a wastewater treatment company looking to maximize profits while minimizing the waste produced by treating wastewater. Companies will start with a distinct wastewater treatment facility with different assets. Purchase additional wastewater treatment technologies to build your company. Will you grow low maintenance algae that can feed on organic waste, but requires a high initial cost? You might consider environmentally friendly solar treated wastewater with low upfront costs that treats water slowly. Or do you prefer rapid and efficient chemical reactions at the cost of producing potentially profitable waste products? As you build your treatment facility, you can play action cards inspired by real-life events. Attract investors to your algae treatment facility to increase your income, but beware of pollution that could kill your algae. Expose your competitors for illegally dumping waste and be on the lookout for hackers that might try to sabotage your outdated security system! Engage in 10 rounds of wastewater treatment as you mix and match technologies to keep our waterways clean!

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Game Rulebook