While sleep is crucial to most life on Earth, studies have shown that college students on a great scale are one of the most affected in regard to sleep. With college students, sleep is very important for them to stay focused and awake during their classes throughout the day. But, it can be hard due to the hectic schedule of college life and other concerns such as stress, health issues, and work. Sleep duration in young adults such as college students have been decreasing over the past few years (Wang et. al 2020). As college students, we know that many of our classmates, especially us, do not get the right amount of sleep each day. We wanted to help college students with their sleeping behaviors to decrease their chances of having changes with their mental health and physical health in the future (Grouz et. al 2019). As college students who continue to keep up with inadequate amounts of sleep each day, higher the possibility of changes in their physical and mental health. What was our challenge? College students do not get enough sleep for many reasons, so we thought; why not create an app that helps college students maintain better sleep habits and potentially foster better sleep cycles? What was our solution? Our solution was to create an app that is designed for college students to help them with their sleep schedule to deal with the consequences that can come if they do not get enough sleep each night.

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