Superbugs, or microorganisms that have become resistant to antibiotic treatments, have developed in recent years due to the misuse of antibiotics (Tosh, 2022). The misuse of antibiotics most commonly refers to instances in which patients either use them inappropriately for minor infections or fail to complete their antibiotic regimens (Tosh, 2022). To combat this global crisis, the experimenters created experimental designs that focused on testing different variations of standardized soap formulas to qualitatively and quantitatively determine the effectiveness of probiotic inclusion in cleaning products. Moreover, the proposed formulation underwent dilutions and phase stabilized testing, which included freezing and boiling experiments, to identify the survivability of the probiotics. The testing performed in these experiments showcased that high concentrations of the probiotic within the formulation are most effective, and that phase stability does not hinder the performance of the proposed final formulation.

Final Poster: NovelSoap