Brandon Lee is one of the student lab assistants in the GCI Makerspace. He is a Junior studying Computer Engineering and has participated in the Grand Challenges Initiative himself. While the GCI Makerspace has many fantastic tools for students to use for their projects, the 3D printers are used the most often. Since our 3D printing machines are used so often due to this normal wear and tear is expected.

GCI lab assistant Brandon with the 3d printers

Brandon noticed that a piece on one of our printers was broken, causing the printer to stop working. After doing some research, Brandon determined that the printer’s axle holder was broken. This part is known to break with use and was simple enough to repair. Unfortunately the needed piece was traditionally only sold in large quantities and was very expensive. 

Brandon, a peer declared 3D printing expert, decided to fix the part himself. Brandon figured out how to print the piece that was needed using our other 3D printer. Once the piece was printed, Brandon attached it to the broken machine and began testing it. After a few test prints our Ultimaker S5 was back online and ready to print. Come stop by the GCI Makerspace (Hashinger 427) to see it in action.

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