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Holocaust History LibGuide A New Resource for Holocaust History Scholars

September 28, 2023 by Alec Kirkwood | Research

The Sala and Aron Samueli Holocaust Memorial Library’s Oskar Schindler Archive is pleased to announce the publication of a new research guide (also known as “LibGuides” or “library guides”) on Holocaust History. It will connect Chapman University students, faculty, and staff with resources to support their research and scholarly activities on the history of the Holocaust.

Making the Past Present Transnational Memory and Bergen-Belsen

September 18, 2019 by Tiana Taliep | Uncategorized

Tiana Taliep is an Archivist for the Sala and Aron Samueli Holocaust Memorial Library and Archive at Chapman University since September 2017. Previously, she worked as a Processing Archivist at the New York Public Library. Tiana earned her B.A. in History from  Brooklyn College, and Master’s in Library and Information Science with a certification in

The Sobibor Revolt 75 Years Later

October 15, 2018 by | Holocaust Survivor

Saturday, October 14, marked the 75th anniversary of the most successful revolt by prisoners during the Holocaust. It occurred at Sobibor, one of three Operation Reinhard death camps in Poland, where some 250,000 Jews were murdered during 1942 and 1943. In spite of the significance of what occurred at Sobibor, the courageous actions of the

Educating the Head and the Heart: A Guest Blog by Tannis Deloyola

October 28, 2014 by Tannis Deloyola | Education

This poignant connection between a 9th grade student and a Holocaust survivor came about because of a special learning opportunity which challenges students to connect through art, writing or film with men and women who experienced humanity at its worse, who experienced silence from the world, and who experienced inexplicable loss and suffering. This opportunity goes far beyond a history textbook or even a literary memoir. It exists because people believe that living history and the preservation of memory are important, indeed crucial. It exists because of the Chapman University Holocaust Art and Writing Contest.

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