Santa Barbara Artists-California’s Green (125)

A painting of the ocean

Some people talk about the environment. Others actually do something proactive about it.

Like the group of 26 Santa Barbara artists who founded the Outdoor Airing Club more than 20 years ago. The O.A.K. Group, as it is known, is made up of artists who paint magnificent, unspoiled open spaces threatened by development. They then sell these art pieces at a special auction with 50 percent of the profits going to organizations in Santa Barbara County
working to preserve our precious and unfortunately disappearing open, natural, landscape.

Huell spends a day with some O.A.K. Group members as they painted in three different spectacular locales, and then attends the auction several months later. The resulting episode of California’s Green is not only beautiful, bit inspirational as it shows how important a small but dedicated group of
people who really care can be.