Chapman University uses a robust and secure wireless network called Eduroam.  Eduroam is in use at many universities and offers big benefits to all users.  Users connected to eduroam will experience the same connectivity as they would on a computer with a wired network connection – faster speeds, secure private network access, and no VPN needed! In addition, Chapman students, faculty, and staff traveling to other campuses will be able to connect to Eduroam on those campuses. Those visiting from other universities that are also using eduroam will be able to connect to Eduroam on the Chapman campus. We encourage all students, faculty, and staff to set up eduroam on their mobile devices.student on laptop

For more information on how to get connected, please visit You will find many different video tutorials and PDF documents containing step-by-step details on how to connect your mobile devices to the eduroam network.

To view a list of other universities around the nation that are using eduroam, click here.