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Pulse VPN Cyber Attack Update

April 28, 2021 by | IS&T

Last week, IS&T made an announcement regarding the a recent cyber-attack on Pulse VPN. Many of the victims of this attach range from Financial Institutions, Higher Education, Government Agencies, and even Defense Contractors. Fortunately, Chapman University has not been affected by the recent attack and IS&T has already implemented the recommended mitigations. However, we are

Affinaquest CRM Live on June 15th! IS&T partners with University Advancement to implement a new Customer Relationship Management system.

March 24, 2021 by | IS&T

When you have the right tools, it is easier to reach your goals. Chapman University now has a new user-friendly and automated tool to help you meet your fundraising goals: Affinaquest. Launching on June 15, Affinaquest is an automated, one-stop platform that offers streamlined and comprehensive solutions to fundraising needs. Over the past three years,

Latest Rinker Classroom Upgrade RK95-215 gets a new look

March 24, 2021 by | IS&T

Our Rinker IS&T Support team is excited to announce the launch of new HyFlex Connect Room technology in RK95-215. The room is now equipped with seven large TV monitors, each with their own individual AppleTV unit so users can wirelessly screen-share with others.  Additionally, each TV has HDMI connections so users can directly connect their

Preferred Names for Faculty and Advisors Faculty and Advisor names to display preferred names instead of legal names.

February 12, 2021 by | IS&T

IS&T recently implemented a new service for faculty and Advisors to use their ‘preferred name’ instead of their legal name when sending communications to students. So how does this look? When faculty are viewing their class rosters in Faculty Center and/or emailing  students, the subject line will default to “from: the desk of ‘preferred name’”

Panopto Folder Maintenance – Dec. 21, 2020 Migrating content from old folders to new folders more compatible with Canvas LMS.

December 21, 2020 by | IS&T

On December 21, Chapman’s lecture capture system, Panopto, is scheduled to begin migrating content from the old folders to ones that work better with Canvas and Zoom. From late in the spring 2020 semester, Zoom Cloud recordings have been copied over to Panopto automatically and you should find them in your private My Folder >

Zoom Cloud Recording Retention Schedule All Zoom Cloud recordings will expire 120 days after recording

November 19, 2020 by | IS&T

On January 1st, 2021, Chapman University implemented a new Zoom Cloud Recording Retention Schedule, which is that all Zoom Cloud recordings will expire 120 days after recording, meaning that they will be moved to your Trash folder on the Zoom Cloud. Your Zoom recordings will be automatically copied into Microsoft OneDrive as well as to your Panopto My Folder > Meeting Recordings folder. Any recordings posted to Canvas after the fall 2020 semester should contain links that point

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