The ABA Journal has published an article that shines an academic spotlight on the scholarly work of Chapman Law. The article, discussing a new University of St. Thomas report, identified Chapman as one of three newer law schools accredited within the past two decades that “have already made a scholarly impact that dramatically outpaces their present academic reputations.”

“We’re one of the youngest law schools in the country,” said Dean Campbell, “and our faculty are already tremendously over-performing. We’re confident that as we become better known, all of our ratings will rise.”

The school’s success can be attributed in part to our commitment to hands-on practical skills training, traditional theoretical instruction from highly regarded faculty and our personalized learning environment.

“As Chapman Law continues to gain momentum, we believe the only way to go from here is up,” said Dean Campbell. “We have outstanding faculty and students, a greatly supportive university administration, and tons of encouragement from our board members from both the business and legal community: what’s to stop us?”