The July 9, 2015 issue of
The New York Review of Books
features a review of
Forgotten Trials of the Holocaust
(New York University Press, 2014) – Chapman University Dale E. Fowler School of Law Professor Michael Bazyler’s latest book, co-authored with Professor Frank M. Tuerkheimer (University of Wisconsin Law School). The book review, entitled “
Anatomy of Hell
” and focused on a select group of recent books on the Holocaust and its aftermath, was written by noted British Holocaust historian Richard J. Evans, who serves as Regius Professor Emeritus of History at the University of Cambridge and President of Wolfson College, Cambridge.

From Professor Evans’s review:

“Few of these trials are now widely remembered. Forgotten Trials of the Holocaust, by the legal scholars Michael J. Bazyler and Frank M. Tuerkheimer, is thus especially welcome. Some of these trials, of course, have been the subject of scholarly investigation in their own right, but in bringing all the trials together and contrasting the varying styles of their conduct in the different jurisdictions studied the authors have done legal scholars and students a service.”

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Michael J. Bazyler
is the “1939” Club Law Scholar in Holocaust and Human Rights Studies and Professor of Law at Chapman University Dale E. Fowler School of Law. He recently published
Forgotten Trials of the Holocaust
(New York University Press, 2014) with Frank M. Tuerkheimer. Professor Bazyler is a research fellow at the Holocaust Education Trust in London as well as the holder of previous fellowships at Harvard Law School and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. In the Fall of 2006, he was a Research Fellow at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem (The Holocaust Martyrs and Heroes Remembrance Authority of Israel) and the holder of the Baron Friedrich Carl von Oppenheim Chair for the Study of Racism, Antisemitism and the Holocaust. Professor Bazyler’s book
Holocaust Justice: The Battle for Restitution in America’s Courts
(New York University Press, 2003, soft cover 2005), was cited by the United States Supreme Court and reviewed in the
Harvard Law Review, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Financial Times
(London), and
The Economist
. He is a contributor of chapters in various books on genocide and the law, and the co-editor/author with Roger Alford of
Holocaust Restitution: Perspectives on the Litigation and Its Legacy
(New York University Press, 2006; soft cover 2007).

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