On November 20, 2015, Chapman University Dale E. Fowler School of Law Professor Michael Bazyler will present at a 70th anniversary commemoration conference hosted by the Loyola Center for the Study of Law and Genocide at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles. Professor Bazyler is the 1939 Society Scholar in Holocaust and Human Rights Studies at Fowler School of Law and a co-organizer of the event, which recognizes the anniversary of the trials of the Major Nazi War Criminals that marked the birth of international law.

The Loyola conference will live-stream the official commemorative ceremony from Nuremberg, Germany. Panel discussions will focus on the Nuremberg ideas, their implementation 70 years ago, and their modern impact on law and society.

The conference comes after Professor Bazyler
traveled to Nuremberg in July
with Dean Tom Campbell and members of the California Judges Association for a 70th anniversary commemoration in the courtroom where the trials were held. Fowler School of Law alumna Stephanie Lincoln (’13) was also in attendance to create a documentary of the experience,
Courtroom 600
. Since graduating, Stephanie has focused her career on the production of documentary films in both law-related and non-legal topics.

Nuremberg courtroom video

“Courtroom 600” Trailer


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Fowler School of Law Professor Michael Bazyler

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Courtroom 600;
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full length

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