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L.A. Times Quotes Dean Campbell and Professor Rotunda on Watergate

June 18, 2012 by | Faculty

L.A. Times quoted Dean Campbell and Professor Rotunda in an article entitled “Forty years after Watergate, many legal reforms rolled back.”  The article concludes that, although in the aftermath of the Watergate scandal there were many reforms to U.S. laws.,  many of those changes have since been eliminated.  Professor Rotunda is quoted as saying, “”We

Dean Eastman Featured in Article for Dual of Wits

January 15, 2012 by | Faculty

Dean John Eastman was featured in a Gazette Newspaper article entitled, “Understanding Law Though Inn Of Court.”  The article discusses Dean Eastman’s engagement in a civilized “dual of wits” with Dean Erwin Chemerinsky at the esteemed Long Beach Joseph A. Ball/ Clarence S. Hunt American Inn of Court.  Read more here.

Professor Hewitt Featured for Accomplishments

January 8, 2012 by | Faculty

The Tribune Chronicle featured Professor Hugh Hewitt, highlighting his return to Warren, Ohio, on January 26 to kick off the Trubine Chronicle’s “It All Started Here” speaker series. Other speakers will include Super Bowl champion Paul Warfield, actor and director Austin Pendleton, opera singer Gary Lehman and CEO Michael Capellas. The Tribune praised Professor Hewitt:

Professor Eastman Quoted on Illegal Immigration

December 30, 2011 by | Faculty

Professor Eastman was quoted in an article in The Chicago Tribune.  The article  says that as the debate rages on about individual state’s rights to adopt more rigid policies regarding illegal immigration, federal judges have recently blocked strict new immigration laws adopted by conservative legislatures in a half-dozen states. Now, as the cases head to

Professor Eggert Quoted in LA Times

December 21, 2011 by | Faculty

The Los Angeles Times recently reported that California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris is suing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to force the mortgage companies to answer questions about their role in California’s housing meltdown. The Los Angeles Times writes that, “the housing finance agency, through outside counsel, argued that the questions posed by California

Professor Rotunda Published on Obamacare

December 15, 2011 by | Faculty

Professor Rotunda contributed a piece to the Washington Times entitled, “Kagan must recuse from Obamacare case – Legal ethics guru finds cause to doubt her independence.”  In the article, Professor Rotunda asserts that “The government (after much prodding) has released emails that raise serious questions whether [Justice Kagan] in fact, expressed any opinion regarding the

Professor Dexter Quoted on Tax Cuts

December 14, 2011 by | Faculty

In a Green Bay Press Gazette article examining the proposed amendments and tax cuts to the Congressional budget, the author analyzes the differences in the effects on an individual’s take-home pay in the wake of a change in payroll tax versus a change in personal income tax. To help illustrate the argument that an increase in

Professor Eggert Quoted in L.A. Times

December 1, 2011 by | Faculty

A recent article in the Los Angeles Times reported that Massachusetts became the first state to file a lawsuit against the nation’s five biggest mortgage lenders; the lawsuit seeks relief for homeowners foreclosed on during the housing crisis. Regarding the significance of the case, Professor Kurt Eggert stated, “This is an important move because to

Professor Rotunda Quoted in OC Register

November 29, 2011 by | Faculty

According to the Orange County Register, Professor Rotunda, as a member of the Fair Political Practices Commission, and his colleagues will soon decide whether or not to allow the alleged victims of Kinde Durkee, the Democratic treasurer charged with fraud, to “replenish their funds by seeking new donations from contributors who have already donated the maximum

Dr. Smith Featured in Article

November 29, 2011 by | Faculty

Dr. Vernon Smith was recently interviewed by Reason Magazine for their December 2011 issue. In the interview, Dr. Smith discusses a broad range of topics, including: his educational background (“I was not a good student in high school”), his groundbreaking behavioral economics research, the evolution of his personal political beliefs over the years, his personal

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