In a Green Bay Press Gazette article examining the proposed amendments and tax cuts to the Congressional budget, the author analyzes the differences in the effects on an individual’s take-home pay in the wake of a change in payroll tax versus a change in personal income tax. To help illustrate the argument that an increase in payroll tax would negatively affect the economy by decreasing an individual’s discretionary income, Professor Bobby Dexter states, “The average plumber earns $50.360.95. If the payroll tax cut is not extended, his tax will rise by $1,007; for nurses (with average salary being $67,720), that increase is $1,354.96.” Read more about the issues surrounding the budget-approval deadlock. In addition, Professor Dexter received mention from The Fiscal Times for the paper he published on the superiority of payroll tax cuts over the extension of the Bush-era tax cuts. See the mention of Professor Dexter’s work, and follow the link at The Fiscal Times to read Professor Dexters’ paper in full.