The Internal Revenue Service announced on Friday that it has given a $100,000 grant through its Low Income Taxpayers Clinic (LITC) program to the
Chapman University Dale E. Fowler School of Law Tax Law Clinic
for its work supporting low income taxpayers.

Willis Headshot

Tax Law Clinic Director and Professor of Law George Willis

Through the LITC program, the IRS awards up to $100,000 in matching grants annually to 129 recipients across the nation for development, expansion or continuation of qualified clinics that represent low-income taxpayers in federal tax disputes with the IRS for free or nominal fees. Fowler School of Law’s Tax Law Clinic is one of only 10 law schools in the country to receive the highest grant total.

This grant brings the total awards and grants to the clinic, directed by Fowler School of Law Professor George Willis, to more than $1.7 million since its inception in 1997. The Tax Law Clinic is the oldest clinical program at Fowler School of Law and provides students with an opportunity to gain practical skills training while benefiting real tax clients. Each year, students serve hundreds of clients by providing counsel and representation they otherwise could not afford, while also gaining hands-on training in both trial and appellate tax issues.

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