Updated Room Booking Quotas

  • Doctoral students can now book from 1 to 8 hour blocks.
  • Graduate students can now book from 1 to 6 hour blocks.

Collaborative Study Pod

Check our our new Collaborative Study Pod! The pod will be here for the entire fall semester.

  • ┬áProcedures
    1. This Collaborative Pod is available to use on a first come, first served basis as long as there are no currently active reservations. In other words, since it does not contain a door, students are welcome to use the pod when unoccupied.
    2. Once a student with a reservation for this Collaborative Pod arrives, all students currently studying inside must leave.
    3. All students reserving this Collaborative Pod must stop by the circulation desk to check out the pod for their reservation time.
    4. Failure to come to the circulation desk to check out the Collaborative Pod kit by ten (10) minutes after their initial reservation time may result in loss of reservation.
    5. The fine for returning the Collaborative Pod kit in late is $5.00. There is NO grace period.
    6. Students wanting to continue using the Collaborative Pod after their reservation time is up must stop by the circulation desk BEFORE their scheduled due time. Extending the time on a reservation is subject to availability.

For more information on room booking policies, and to book a room, please visit: Room Booking at the Leatherby Libraries.

Happy studying!