Chapman’s graphic design students designed posters using fonts from Vernon Adams and are creating their own fonts inspired by his work. Allison Adams also came to speak about her late husband’s legacy and memory. This font, Oswald, is featured in more than 5,300,000 websites and 51 free Google Font Families are available. Vernon’s philosophy was to make fonts free to all. This case also holds his typography books.

Allison Adams (pictured below), the wife of Vernon Adams came to visit the display in his honor. She, too, is an artist and is currently working on a project of art and inspiration from women who came before, known as our “foremothers”. Her art can be found on

Fonts by Vernon Adams are seen everywhere, so the chances you have already seen or used his fonts are very likely. His unique and influencing passion was known as free typography because he wanted anyone to be able to access them. He studied typeface design at Reading University, UK, and Fine Art at Vestlandets Kunstakademi, Norway. He passed away in August 2016 after he was involved in a scooter accident in 2014 which left him severely injured. He will forever be remembered for the impact he made in the typography industry and among other font artists today.


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