Out in Montclair, about thirty miles northeast of the Chapman campus, the Pomona Valley Art Association (PVAA) Art Place is currently hosting an art exhibit titled “Golden Travels: A Contemporary Visit Through California.” Curated by Leatherby Libraries Circulation Assistant Catalina Lopez, the exhibit is a collaboration of local artists, university students, and members of the Pomona Valley Art Association. It assembles contemporary artwork inspired by the stunning vistas and lifestyle existing throughout the state of California. The exhibit includes travels to major cities including Palm Springs, Newport Beach, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, as well as famous California landmarks like Mt. Baldy and Joshua Tree National Park. The paintings, photographs, and three-dimensional structures represent the diversity of California’s artistic style as well as its nature, beaches, national parks, and cities. This exhibit captures the unique character of this region in the present day. Incorporating the subject into its very layout, the exhibit displays the artwork like a map of California based on the location that is rendered by each piece of art.

Photograph of a crowd of people viewing an art exhibit

Curator and Circulation Assistant Catalina Lopez (on the left, in a black and white sweater) talks to guests about her exhibit

Photograph of several pieces of art displayed in an exhibit

A selection of the California art included in the Golden Travels exhibit

Catalina has the following to say about her creation of the exhibit: “I was introduced to curatorial practices when I was an undergraduate student at the University of La Verne. It was a collaboration with classmates, and we worked together to curate two art exhibits in a semester. Since then I hoped to curate an exhibit of my own in the future while I continue my background in art and art history.

“I began gathering ideas for this exhibit in the beginning of 2018. I wanted to display a gallery space as a map of California, and as the viewer walked further in they can recognize locations in the state. I began researching and contacting local art galleries near my area that were willing to accept my exhibit proposal. Eventually I came across The PVAA Art Place in Montclair. I presented my idea with the committee, and I was given a date to display my exhibit the following year in January 2019.

“I designed a “Call for Artists” flyer, and the PVAA shared it with its members and the public, and I contacted local universities to encourage students to submit their work. I received many submissions that were ideal for my theme, and I contacted the artists on what pieces I selected.

“I placed the art based on the travels layout I had envisioned. The final installation of the art begins with Newport Beach and follows up the coast to Pacific Grove, with San Francisco in the north. East of the gallery displays Los Angeles, Mt. Baldy, Bonelli Park, and the Cal State Fullerton Arboretum. Farther east are hiking trails in San Bernardino, Inland Empire, and Joshua Tree. Lastly is Palm Springs at the end of the gallery.”

The exhibit is on display until January 31st.

Photograph of a standing young woman

Catalina Lopez