World Autism Awareness Month is celebrated annually in April. In honor of this, the Leatherby Libraries proudly present “World Autism Month: A Digital Display,” curated by our Health Sciences Librarians David Carson and Ivan Portillo. The virtual exhibit was curated to inspire a deeper appreciation for neurodiversity in society and to educate the Chapman Community on the experiences of those on the autism spectrum.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Key Findings from the ADDM Network. Published March 23, 2023. Accessed March 11, 2024. Image Attribution: Ivan Portillo

The exhibit begins by defining Autism Spectrum Disorder and providing data and statistics about the frequency of autism diagnoses in America to allow viewers to understand the prevalence of autism in our world. 

Our Health Science Librarians have curated a list of e-books, journals, and online resources to allow the Chapman University community to learn more about the rights and well-being of those on the autism spectrum. This virtual exhibit is an educational resource that promotes greater appreciation and acceptance of autism in society by compiling digital resources on autism information, data, statistics, professional organizations, and advocacy groups.

All resources linked in the virtual exhibit are available for viewing by all members of the Chapman community.

If you have any questions about this scalar exhibit, please contact our Health Science Librarians, David Carson and Ivan Portillo, at

The Leatherby Libraries’ Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts align with the Chapman University Strategic Plan for Diversity & Inclusion, fostering a diverse and inclusive campus climate.