As part of our Spring Exhibition Series, the Leatherby Libraries proudly welcomed Chapman alum Jeremiah McKibbins ’15 to showcase his remarkable photography exhibition, “Beyond the Visible Spectrum.” McKibbins curated a collection of infrared photographs of buildings around the Chapman University campus, providing a fresh and captivating new way to see the campus’ iconic locations.

“Beyond the Visible Spectrum” explores iconic buildings around the Chapman University campus through a infrared lens.

McKibbins’ journey from Chapman student-athlete to accomplished artist exemplifies the transformative power of creativity. As a former standout football player, he left an indelible mark on the Chapman community. He played a pivotal role in securing Chapman’s first SCIAC Football Championship and still holds university records for his accomplishments as a running back. Now, McKibbins continues to inspire others through his artistry, showcasing the world’s beauty through his camera lens.

The opening reception for this exhibition took place on Friday, April 5, 2024. It marked a special occasion where attendees had the opportunity to meet with McKibbins and gain insights into his creative process.

Jeremiah McKibbins ’15 (center) reunites with the Chapman University Football Team’s Head Coach, Bob Owens (left), and Offensive Coordinator, Casey Shine (right), at the Opening Reception for “Beyond the Visible Spectrum.”

We were honored to have Bob Owens, Head Coach of the Chapman University Football Team, and Casey Shine, the Offensive Coordinator, share their memories of McKibbin’s time with the team, highlighting the profound impact of McKibbins’ journey from the field to the gallery. Additionally, McKibbins shared insights into the captivating world of infrared photography, offering attendees a deeper understanding of his artistic process and the unique techniques involved. Through his explanations, guests gained valuable knowledge about how infrared photography transforms familiar landscapes into fascinating scenes, showcasing the unseen beauty beyond the visible spectrum. McKibbins’ passion inspired all present to appreciate the artistry behind each captivating image.

The Leatherby Libraries Hall of Art provides a place for artists to share their perspectives and artistic talents with the Chapman University community. We aim to foster meaningful dialogue, spark creativity, and celebrate the richness of the human experiences by showcasing a wide range of artistic collections. We are thrilled to welcome McKibbins’ work to this space as his collection of photographs shows how alums can continue to stay connected and share their voices with the Chapman Community after graduating.

“Beyond the Visible Spectrum” will be up through May 20, 2024, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the captivating world of infrared photography. We encourage everyone to visit and experience the transformative artistry of Jeremiah McKibbins to gain a new perspective on familiar landscapes, and discover hidden wonders.

The Leatherby Libraries’ Assistant Dean of DEI Initiatives & Development, Essraa Nawar (left), poses in front of “Beyond the Visual Spectrum” alongside Jeremiah McKibbins ’15 (right).

We extend our sincere gratitude to Jeremiah McKibbins for sharing his talent with us and inspiring us to see the world through a new lens. As we celebrate the achievements of our Chapman alums, we look forward to continuing our partnerships with the Alumni Association and creating more opportunities to showcase the incredible talents within our community.

For more insights into Jeremiah McKibbins’ work and to watch a reel about the event, visit his Instagram: Jeremiah McKibbins’ Instagram.

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