When people think of the Leatherby Libraries, they typically think only of the building on the Orange campus. But did you know that Leatherby Libraries services extend to the Rinker campus as well? Over at Rinker, Health Sciences Librarian Ivan Portillo provides services for students in the Communication Sciences, PA Studies, Physical Therapy, and Pharmaceutical Sciences programs. His office is located in the Rinker Campus Health Sciences Study Commons, a space that houses both reference books for student use and study space. As of the beginning of February, that study space has been dramatically enhanced by the addition of new study carrels.

One young woman, seated, shows a book to two young men, standing and leaning behind her.

Mallory Dichoso (CUSP ’21), Danny V Pham (CUSP ’21), and Duy Tran (CUSP ’21) study at one of the new carrels

The students are quite pleased with the new carrels, which provide both extra study privacy and quiet. Judy Weng, CUSP class of ’20, says about the carrels, “I love the new cubicles in the quiet study space because it allows me to focus and study without having to take up a whole study room to myself.”

A young female student sits at a carrel, focusing on her laptop.

Ava Xu (CUSP ’21) studies hard at a carrel

Librarian Ivan Portillo is delighted by the new carrels as well. He writes, “I’m excited that we are able to provide students at the Rinker campus with additional study space. Last Spring, I sent all Rinker students a survey to gather their opinion of how we could improve the study commons, and additional study space was the highest response we received. I’m happy that with the support of the Leatherby Libraries, CUSP, and Crean that we were able to provide additional seating.”

Happy studying, Rinker students!