Each year, Hispanic Heritage Month is recognized in the thirty day period from September 15 to October 15. Lyndon B Johnson established Hispanic Heritage Week in 1968 to recognize the contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans to the country’s history, heritage, and culture. In the United States, the contributions and struggles of Hispanic/Latino individuals are often forgotten. It is important that we recognize what this minority group has endured and how prominent individuals have played a role in our nation’s history. In addition to books about Hispanic/Latino American history and notable individuals, the latest display in the Leatherby Libraries lobby also features some books about the U.S.-Mexico border, in connection with the yearlong series LA FRONTERA – THE BORDER: An Interdisciplinary Examination, which includes an art exhibit in the Doy and Dee Henley Reading Room. Many Hispanic and Latino individuals make the grueling journey and risk their lives across the Southern border to acquire freedom and independence. Lastly, the largest ethnic group in our beautiful state of California is the Hispanic-Latino group at 39 percent. Chapman University is in an area that has public schools with a 99% population of Hispanic students. Many of the individuals who help make Chapman the wonderful institution of learning that is is, from teaching class, to helping us connect to Eduroam, are also of Hispanic/Latino descent. It is essential that we take time to educate ourselves on and appreciate the cultures and groups of those around us, especially when we may know little about them.

Hispanic Heritage Month Bibliography