As you head to the elevators on the first floor of the Leatherby Libraries, take a look at the tall, narrow display case to your left. This case, a recent addition to the Leatherby Libraries, is meant specifically to showcase some of the most interesting rare books from the Frank Mt. Pleasant Library of Special Collections & Archives. The display in this case will change monthly, giving visitors a sneak peek into our collections.

Close-up of a decorated book, displayed on a glass shelf, with explanatory text (copied in the caption) next to it.

One of the books currently on display: Everybody’s Pepys: the diary of Samuel Pepys 1660-1669, Edited by O.F. Morshead

This month’s display is titled “Tooled Leather and Gilt Edges: A Selection of Fine Bindings from the Frank Mt. Pleasant Library of Special Collections & Archives.” The display consists of four selections from our Finding Bindings Collection. All showcase different aspects of the art of hand-binding and hand-tooled decoration from the early to mid-twentieth century.

Be sure to come by to check out this month’s display up close, and to check in with the case on a monthly basis to see our other fascinating displays!