The Leatherby Libraries has A LOT to offer the Chapman community…if you take advantage of the resources. As a Chapman student myself, I have a heavy academic load at 18 credits on top of work, filming, my sorority, Chapman Ambassadors, clubs on campus, and a social life to maintain. Taking advantage of what the Leatherby Libraries has to offer me has been part of my success as a student.

This may just be a me problem, but I sometimes struggle to navigate on the Chapman website. It’s just extremely overwhelming. Figuring that there are other students like me, I decided to create a blog thread where I break down some of the most important services provided by the Leatherby Libraries and its librarians. This way, Chapman students can know more about what available resources are at their fingertips, without having to search for information online.

From booking rooms to finding new study spots, stay tuned for my new series so you can learn all the tips for success at the Leatherby Libraries!