Interterm is over and the spring semester is in full swing! Spring is always my favorite time of the year and what better way to spend my favorite season than exploring the Leatherby Libraries with you? Welcome back and welcome to the second half of our adventures discovering the treasures of the Leatherby Libraries. Last semester, I had the pleasure of showing a different exhibit or collection each week and I plan on doing the same this semester. If you thought the journey was over after one semester, you are in for a treat! The library has so much more for us to talk about! This semester, we’ll get to focus on some of my favorite exhibits such as the Ralph Tomlinson Toy Collection and the Jack and Belle Lindquist Disney Collection. 

Last semester had some exciting collections that I covered and I cannot wait to share more of them. Along the way, I learned about the Sikh religion and its profound impact on America. We talked about my Italian American heritage. I showed you the gorgeous artwork of President Doti’s children’s books. We even explored the beautiful underwater photography of Kevin Lee. 

The Leatherby Libraries is an eclectic combination of academic exploration and I am thrilled that I am able to share some of these incredible archives with you. I hope you all stay tuned for the next part of our adventure together because there are some fun things to discuss for the next few months!