Why do people go to war? Why do countries sacrifice their men and women? Why are countries never held responsible for the many civilian lives that are lost? These are questions that I wonder about, especially with the recent talk of a potential “World War III.” When I think of war, I don’t think of victory. I think of destruction – I am a quarter Syrian – and one thing I know is that the country I visited when I was six years old will never be the same after the war broke out in 2011. I think of PTSD – my grandfather and his friends fought in Vietnam and were deeply affected by their experiences there. I think of the children who grew up with something and then had to grow up with nothing – like some of my Middle Eastern relatives. In this display, I attempted to highlight the parts of war that are seldom discussed. It is important that we recognize that war can be extremely tragic, and often makes things worse than they were before.

War Display- Bibliography