Many information providers have added or expanded access to content for current Chapman students, faculty, and staff in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic. However, many of them have also begun openly sharing their scholarly content on at least a temporary basis, meaning these resources are freely available to our alumni, parents, or any other members of the public:

  • Annual Reviews
    • Annual Reviews has made all of its journal content openly available through April 30th, 2020. Coverage includes health and physical sciences, anthropology, economics, psychology, law, social sciences, and more.
  • Cambridge Core Textbooks
    • Cambridge University Press is offering free, read-only access to over 700 textbooks from their Cambridge Core collection until 05/31/2020.
    • JSTOR and participating publishers have made the archives of 26 public health journals openly available through 06/30/2020. Topics addressed include epidemiology, health policy and administration, occupational and environmental health, health equity, aging, bioethics, and health promotion.
  • Ohio State University Press Publications
    • The Ohio State University Press has opened up access to all scholarly monographs (nearly 700 titles) through the end of the summer or until colleges and universities are able to resume normal operations.
  • University of Michigan Press
    • To support remote teaching and research during the COVID-19 global health event, titles in this collection are free-to-read until 04/30/2020.

The Leatherby Libraries’ Library Content for Online Teaching and Learning guide also has a section to highlight Freely Available COVID-19 Research. This section points to collections of freely available articles, datasets, and other sorts of information on COVID-19 or coronaviruses in general. This information is freely available to all readers at the present and is not dependent on being a current Chapman student, faculty, or staff member. Please keep checking back with this guide, as new information sources are being added frequently.